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Africa Connect Online | News from the Heart of Africa
2015-african-diaspora-awards/ 1 pages
2015 African Diaspora Awards
2015-nigeria-entertainment-awards/ 1 pages
2015 Nigeria Entertainment Awards
2015-young-african-leadership-symposium/ 1 pages
2015 Young African Leadership Symposium
2nd-annual-africa-gives-back-international-gala/ 1 pages
2nd Annual Africa Gives Back International Gala
53year-old-us-man-sends-over-100-000-to-a-nigerian-wife-he-has-never-met/ 1 pages
US Man Sends Over $100k To A Nigerian 'Wife' He Has Never Met
a-future-when-we-keep-reverting-to-the-past/ 1 pages
A Future When We Keep Reverting to the Past
a-long-term-strategy-for-africans-health/ 1 pages
A Long Term Strategy for Africans Health
a-message-from-fadima-dajib/ 1 pages
A Message from Fadima Dajib
a-presidential-candidate-predicted-20-years-ago/ 1 pages
A Presidential Candidate Predicted 20 Years Ago
aai-hosts-30th-annual-awards-gala-in-nyc/ 1 pages
AAI Hosts 30th Annual Awards Gala in NYC
about/ 1 pages
About | Africa Connect Online
africa-america-institute-30th-annual-awards-gala/ 1 pages
Africa-America Institute 30th Annual Awards Gala
africa-connect-personality-of-the-month-shells-naija/ 1 pages
Shells Naija - Sheds More Light on Her Ankara Print Fabrics for Kids
africa-the-next-destination-for-fashion-exploits/ 1 pages
Africa - The Next Destination for Fashion Exploits
africa-worlds-fastest-growing-continent/ 1 pages
Africa: The World's Fastest Growing Continent
africa/ 1 pages
africaconnect-introductions/ 1 pages
AfricaConnect Introductions
africaconnect-online-global-achievement-award/ 1 pages
AfricaConnect Online Global Achievement Award
african-women-of-excellence-awards-gala-dinner/ 1 pages
African Women Of Excellence Awards Gala Dinner
african-women-of-excellence-awards/ 1 pages
African Women of Excellence Awards
ai-ceo-institutional-investment-summit-2014-profiles-leading-african-capital-market-president-john-dramani-mahama-of-ghana-emphasized-infrastructural-development-in-ghana/ 1 pages
Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit 2014 Profiles Leading African Capital Market
all-things-ankara-fashion-week/ 1 pages
All Things Ankara Fashion Week
an-interview-with-skia-osei/ 1 pages
An Interview with Skia Osei
are-we-rushing-the-holidays-too-fast/ 1 pages
Are We Rushing the Holidays Too Fast?
ban-ki-moon-calls-for-an-end-to-corruption-in-madagascar/ 1 pages
Ban Ki-moon Calls for an End to Corruption in Madagascar
barbershop-conference-held-at-un-headquarters-to-foster-gender-equality-amongst-men-and-women-video/ 1 pages
UN Barbershop Conference: Fostering Gender Equality Among Men & Women
barbershop-conference-men-talking-about-gender-equality-among-themselves/ 1 pages
Barbershop Conference: Men Talking About Gender Equality
barbershop/ 1 pages
2015 Barbershop Conference
black-history-month/ 1 pages
Black History Month
boko-haram-agrees-to-bring-back-abducted-chibok-girls/ 1 pages
Boko Haram Agrees to Bring Back Abducted Chibok Girls
boko-haram-kills-dozens-in-attack-on-nigerian-market/ 1 pages
Boko Haram Kills 'Dozens' in Attack on Nigerian Market
bronx-african-advisory-council-soccer-tournament-awards-ceremony/ 1 pages
Bronx African Advisory Council Soccer Tournament Awards Ceremony
brooklyn-fashion-week/ 1 pages
Brooklyn Fashion Week
building-a-culture-of-peace/ 1 pages
Building a Culture of Peace
burkina-faso-general-takes-over-as-president-compaore-resigns/ 1 pages
Burkina Faso General Takes Over as President Compaore Resigns
burundi-violence-attracts-attention-of-u-n-security-council/ 1 pages
Burundi Violence Attracts Attention of U.N. Security Council
can-one-election-change-the-course-of-history/ 1 pages
Can One Election Change the Course of History?
africa/ 4 pages
Africa | Africa Connect Online
Africa | Africa Connect Online
Africa | Africa Connect Online
Africa | Africa Connect Online
chronicles/ 1 pages
Chronicles | Africa Connect Online
entertainment/ 1 pages
Entertainment | Africa Connect Online
events/ 3 pages
Events | Africa Connect Online
Events | Africa Connect Online
Events | Africa Connect Online
gallery/ 1 pages
Fashion | Africa Connect Online
interviews/ 3 pages
Interviews | Africa Connect Online
Interviews | Africa Connect Online
Interviews | Africa Connect Online
social-talk/ 3 pages
Social Talk | Africa Connect Online
Social Talk | Africa Connect Online
Social Talk | Africa Connect Online
world-news/ 3 pages
World News | Africa Connect Online
World News | Africa Connect Online
World News | Africa Connect Online
cbcf-to-celebrate-african-american-leaders-in-fine-arts/ 1 pages
CBCF to Celebrate African-American Leaders in Fine Arts
central-park-summer-stage-angelique-kidjo/ 1 pages
Central Park Summer Stage Angelique Kidjo
chantal-compare-first-lady-of-burkina-faso-discussing-genital-mutilation/ 1 pages
First Lady of Burkina Faso on Genital Mutilation
chibase-ceo-chetachi-ecton-talks-about-sharing-undiscovered-african-music-with-the-world/ 1 pages
Sharing Undiscovered African Music with the World
concept-note-un-barbershop-conference/ 1 pages
Concept Note UN Barbershop Conference
contact/ 1 pages
Contact | Africa Connect Online
do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do/ 1 pages
Do as I say, Not as I Do
doctor-at-new-york-hospital-tests-positive-for-ebola/ 1 pages
Doctor at New York Hospital Tests Positive for Ebola
donald-trumps-comments-on-africa-and-my-reaction/ 1 pages
Donald Trump's Comments on Africa and My Reaction
dreams-of-eden/ 1 pages
Dreams of Eden
effects-of-tv-programming-on-society/ 1 pages
Effects of TV Programming on Society
egyptian-doctor-and-father-sentenced-to-two-years-in-jail-for-practice-banned-in-2008/ 1 pages
Egyptian Doctor Sentenced to 2 Years in Jail for a Banned Practice
entertainment/ 1 pages
eu-struggles-with-solution-to-migrant-crisis/ 1 pages
Tragic Plight of Refugees
event/ 105 pages
2nd-annual/ 1 pages
2nd Annual Laugh for a Cause
african-women-of-excellence-awards2/ 1 pages
African Women of Excellence Awards
basket-mouth-unsensored/ 1 pages
Basket Mouth Unsensored
friars-club-launch-event/ 1 pages
Friars Club Launch Event
meet-the-miss-nigeria-usa-2016-contestants/ 1 pages
Meet the Miss Nigeria USA 2016 Contestants
miss-nigeria-usa-2016/ 1 pages
Miss Nigeria USA 2016
prince-adeyeye-enitan-ogunwusi-of-giesi-ruling-house-of-ile-ife/ 1 pages
Prince Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi
the-10th-annual-nigeria-entertainment-awards/ 1 pages
The 10th Annual Nigeria Entertainment Awards
voice-of-african-mothers/ 1 pages
Voice of African Mothers
events/ 1 pages
exclusive-interview-with-ambassador-henry-mac-donald-of-suriname-republic-discussing-the-upcoming-barbershop-conference-informatively/ 1 pages
Exclusive: Interview with Ambassador Henry Mac Donald Barbershop Conference
faces-at-the-applause-africa-4th-annual-african-diaspora-awards-night-in-newyork/ 1 pages
4th Annual African Diaspora Awards in New York
facts-on-female-genital-mutilation-fgm/ 1 pages
Facts on Female Genital Mutilation You Should Know
fairy-tale-or-hope-for-the-future/ 1 pages
Fairy Tale or Hope for the Future?
fashion-for-life-ecowas-fashion-week-africaconnectonline/ 1 pages
Fashion For Life Ecowas - Fashion Week
fashion-update-of-toure-designs/ 1 pages
Fashion Update of Toure Designs
fashion-with-a-purpose-march-13th/ 1 pages
Fashion with a Purpose - March 13th
fear-killings-of-albinos-will-increase-as-presidential-elections-in-tanzania-approach-in-october-2015/ 1 pages
Fear Killings of Albinos to Increase as Tanzania Elections Approach
first-ebola-case-in-mali-confirmed/ 1 pages
First Ebola Case in Mali Confirmed
first-guidelines-for-treating-female-genital-mutilation-victims/ 1 pages
First Guidelines for Treating Female Genital Mutilation Victims
footprint-of-benin/ 1 pages
Footprint of Benin
frontier-law-back-to-the-future-again/ 1 pages
Frontier Law: Back to the Future, Again
gallery/ 1 pages
Gallery | Africa Connect Online
gateway-to-space-the-exhibition-is-being-shipped/ 1 pages
Gateway to Space: The Exhibition is being shipped!
ghana/ 1 pages
Girls Education Initiative of Ghana
girl-talk-2015/ 1 pages
Girl Talk 2015
girl-talk-part-2/ 1 pages
Girl Talk Part 2
giving-thanks/ 1 pages
Giving Thanks
global-achievement-awards-coverage/ 1 pages
Global Achievement Awards Coverage
global-summit-on-women-empowerment/ 1 pages
Global Summit on Women Empowerment
have-american-youth-lost-their-work-ethic/ 1 pages
Have American Youth Lost Their Work Ethic?
heforshe-promo-suriname-iceland-united-nations-africaconnectonline/ 1 pages
HeforShe Promo Suriname Iceland United Nations
high-level-launch-event-for-sustainable-development/ 1 pages
High Level Launch Event for Sustainable Development
hope-sullivan-talks-about-embodiment-of-a-daughters-love-video-interview/ 1 pages
Hope Sullivan Talks about "Embodiment of a Daughter's Love"
house-2-house-campaign-of-nigerian-president_goodluck-ebele-jonathan-gcfr-and-book-launch-on-his-biography-by-matthew-uzukwu-in-new-york/ 1 pages
House to House Campaign of Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR)
idols-south-africa-season-11-finals/ 1 pages
Idols South Africa Season 11 Finals
ingoma-awards/ 1 pages
international-entertainment-festival-2016/ 1 pages
International Entertainment Festival 2016
interview-with-h-e-antonio-tete/ 1 pages
Interview with H.E. Antonio Tete
interviews/ 1 pages
is-immigration-the-real-issue/ 1 pages
Is Immigration the Real Issue?
is-it-time-to-change-the-standard-work-week-of-40-hours/ 1 pages
Is it Time to Change the Standard Work Week of 40 Hours?
john-dramani-mahama-addresses-un/ 1 pages
John Dramani Mahama Addresses UN
just-other-politician-or-a-voice-of-change/ 1 pages
Just Another Politician or A Voice Of Change ?
keithperrin-heforshe-africaconnectonline/ 1 pages
Keith Perrin: HeforShe
kidnapped-schoolgirl-found-in-nigeria-chibok-girls/ 1 pages
Kidnapped Schoolgirl Found in Nigeria Chibok Girls
king-sunny-ade-friday-june-26th/ 1 pages
KING SUNNY ADÉ - Friday June 26th
launch-of-africaconnect-at-friars-club-in-nyc/ 1 pages
Launch of AfricaConnect at Friars Club in NYC
liberias-president-writes-heartbreaking-letter-to-the-world/ 1 pages
Liberia's President Writes Heartbreaking Letter To The World
manipulation-of-the-truth-where-is-it-leading-us/ 1 pages
Manipulation of the Truth: Where is it leading us?
meeting-the-leaders-facing-the-press-security-council-in-burundi-and-addis-ababa/ 1 pages
Meeting the Leaders, Facing the Press: Security Council in Burundi and Addis Ababa
miss-ghana-usa-2015/ 1 pages
Miss Ghana USA 2015
miss-ghana-usa/ 1 pages
Miss Ghana USA 2015 Coming
miss-nigeria-2015/ 1 pages
Harvard Day 2015
miss-nigeria-2016/ 1 pages
Miss Nigeria 2016
miss-nigeria-usa-pagent/ 1 pages
Miss Nigeria USA Pageant 2015
more-than-140-heads-of-state-at-the-69th-general-assembly-2014-united-nations-come-together-to-adopt-a-new-generation-of-sustainable-development/ 1 pages
140+ Heads of State - A New Generation of Sustainable Development
mtv-ema-2014-nominees-for-best-african-act/ 1 pages
MTV EMA 2014 Nominees for Best African Act
museum-of-african-american-history-to-open-on-september-24th/ 1 pages
Museum of African American History to Open on September 24th
my-journey-into-royalty/ 1 pages
My Journey into Royalty
nafca-award-is-designed-to-globally-promote-african-cinema-and-culture_-nafca-ceo-dr-victor-olatoye-speaks/ 1 pages
NAFCA Award to Promote African Cinema and Culture
namibian-president-vows-to-lift-nations-people-out-of-poverty/ 1 pages
Namibian President Vows to Lift Nation's People Out of Poverty
nelson-mandela-day/ 1 pages
Nelson Mandela Day
nepad-sponsors-events-to-inform-and-educate-the-diplomatic-community-and-the-media-on-the-efforts-to-improve-life-for-africans/ 1 pages
NEPAD Sponsors Events to Inform and Educate on the Efforts to Improve Life for Africans
nigerian-ambassador-to-us-passes-away/ 1 pages
Nigerian Ambassador to US Passes Away
nigerian-americans-celebrate-54th-independence-with-a-parade-in-new-york-city/ 1 pages
Celebrating Nigeria’s 54th Independence Day Anniversary in NYC
nigerian-army-arrests-militants-responsible-for-pipeline-attacks/ 1 pages
Nigerian Army Arrests Militants Responsible for Pipeline Attacks
nobody-left-outside-campaign-launched-by-un/ 1 pages
“Nobody Left Outside” Campaign Launched by UN
obama-at-the-unga-for-the-world-body/ 1 pages
Obama at the UNGA for the World Body
one-nigerian-schoolgirl-rescued-from-boko-haram/ 1 pages
One Nigerian Schoolgirl Rescued from Boko Haram
oscar-de-la-renta-looks-for-my-fave-african-celebs/ 1 pages
Oscar De La Renta Looks for My Fave African Celebs
people-pollution/ 1 pages
People Pollution
pope-francis-addresses-the-un/ 1 pages
Pope Francis Addresses the UN
popular-american-rb-singer-alicia-keys-calls-on-international-communities-to-keep-pressure-on-nigerian-government-to-bring-back-over-200-missing-school-girls/ 1 pages
Alicia Keys Calls to Keep Pressure on Nigerian Government Until Missing Girls are Returned
president-obama-addresses-the-un-general-assembly/ 1 pages
President Obama Addresses the UN General Assembly
presidential-debates-a-mockery-or-democratic-process/ 1 pages
Presidential Debates: A Mockery or Democratic Process?
princess-moradon/ 1 pages
Spotlight On Princess Moradon
protection-of-education-in-africa/ 1 pages
Protection of Education in Africa
queen-e-collection-fundraiser/ 1 pages
Queen-E Collection Fundraiser
report-on-ngo-event-with-geig/ 1 pages
Report on NGO Event with GEIG
resistance-is-futile-are-we-becoming-one-with-the-borg/ 1 pages
“Resistance is Futile” – Are We Becoming One With the Borg?
sexual-violence-is-tactic-of-terror/ 1 pages
Sexual Violence is “Tactic of Terror”
should-we-be-looking-for-encounters-of-a-third-kind/ 1 pages
Should We Be Looking for Encounters of a Third Kind?
should-we-be-questioning-the-tried-and-true-of-the-red-white-and-blue/ 1 pages
Should We Be Questioning the Tried and True of the Red, White and Blue?
si-liberia-community-organized-gospel-concert-to-fight-ebola-scourge/ 1 pages
SI Liberia Community Organized Gospel Concert to Fight Ebola Scourge
sierra-leone-begins-three-day-ebola-lockdown/ 1 pages
Sierra Leone Begins 3 day Ebola Lockdown
sika-osei-introducing-africa-connect/ 1 pages
Sika Osei Introducing Africa Connect
singer-akon-goes-solar/ 1 pages
Singer Akon Goes Solar
slave-passage/ 1 pages
Slave Memorial Unveiled
social-talk/ 1 pages
somalian-sets-herself-on-fire-at-nauru-detention/ 1 pages
Somalian Sets Herself on Fire at Nauru Detention
south-african-blessers-must-fall/ 1 pages
South African "Blessers" Must Fall
special-olympics-2015/ 1 pages
Special Olympics 2015
sponsors/ 2 pages
Sponsors | Africa Connect Online
spotlight-on-president-candidate-fadima-dajib/ 1 pages
Spotlight on President Candidate Fadima Dajib
status-of-women-in-leadership-roles-around-the-world/ 1 pages
Status of Women in Leadership Roles Around the World
that-old-nostalgic-feeling-not-always/ 1 pages
“That Old Nostalgic Feeling” – Not Always
the-amazin-race-to-national-disaster/ 1 pages
The Amazin’ Race…to National Disaster
the-day-that-privacy-died/ 1 pages
The Day That Privacy Died
the-first-winner-of-the-voice-sa/ 1 pages
The First Winner of The Voice SA
the-high-cost-of-nigeria/ 1 pages
The High Cost of Nigeria
the-real-factors-driving-the-republican-presidential-campaign/ 1 pages
The “Real” Factors Driving the Republican Presidential Campaign
the-recurring-issues-for-transgenders/ 1 pages
The Recurring Issues for TransGenders
the-vogue-of-patriotism/ 1 pages
The “Vogue” of Patriotism?
tigui-mounir-camara-young-minner-africa-summit-in-dc/ 1 pages
Tigui Mounir Camara: A Young Minner
town-names-legend-lore/ 1 pages
Town Names: Legend & Lore
tragedies-in-the-news/ 1 pages
Tragedies in the News
tragic-inferno-adds-insult-to-injury-in-ghana/ 1 pages
Tragic Inferno Adds Insult to Injury in Ghana
tupperware-a-not-so-trivial-pursuit/ 1 pages
Tupperware: A Not So Trivial Pursuit
two-senegalese-boys-attacked-by-american-schoolmates-due-to-ebola-crisis-in-newyork/ 1 pages
Two Senegalese Boys attacked by American Schoolmates due to Ebola Crisis in NY
u-n-security-council-arrives-in-burundi-to-assess-situation/ 1 pages
U.N. Security Council Arrives in Burundi to Assess Situation
un-assembly-2015-day-one/ 1 pages
UN Assembly 2015 Day One
un-barbershop-conference-max-bryant-speech-on-women-empowerment-and-eliminating-violence-against-women/ 1 pages
UN BarberShop Conference: Max Bryant Speech on Women Empowerment
un-general-assembly-debate-remarks-from-african-leaders/ 1 pages
UN General Assembly Debate: Remarks from African Leaders
un-security-council-taking-wait-and-see-attitude-on-burkina/ 1 pages
UN Security Council Taking “Wait and See” Attitude on Burkina?
un-women-global-initiative-united-nations-alizelavie/ 1 pages
UN Women: AlizeLaVie
un-women-global-initiative-united-nations-ambassador-joy-ogwu/ 1 pages
UN Women: Ambassador Joy Ogwu
un-women-global-initiative-united-nations-klynn-jackman/ 1 pages
UN Women: Klynn Jackman
unicef-africas-youth-population-to-reach-nearly-1-billion-by-2050/ 1 pages
Africa's Youth Population to Reach Nearly 1 Billion by 2050
unity-a-must-in-nigeria/ 1 pages
Unity... A Must in Nigeria
unknown-assailants-attack-un-peacekeepers-in-mali/ 1 pages
Unknown Assailants Attack UN Peacekeepers in Mali
voices-of-african-mothers-part-1/ 1 pages
Voices of African Mothers Part 1
wendy-tabansi-ecowas-fashion-week-africaconnectonline/ 1 pages
Wendy Tabansi – Ecowas Fashion Week
west-african-development-society-fundraiser-82015/ 1 pages
West African Development Society Fundraiser 8/20/15
what-would-i-do-with-an-apology/ 1 pages
What Would I Do with an Apology?
whats-in-a-name-a-lot-more-than-you-think/ 1 pages
What’s in a name? A lot more than you think.
white-south-african-judge-rape-is-a-pleasurable-pastime/ 1 pages
White South African Judge - Rape is a Pleasurable Pastime
who-will-be-crowned-the-next-miss-nigeria-usa/ 1 pages
Who will be crowned the Next Miss Nigeria USA?
why-does-marketing-care-what-gender-you-are/ 1 pages
Why Does Marketing Care What Gender You Are?
why-immigration-issues-are-being-used-by-candidates-for-the-presidency-of-the-united-states/ 1 pages
Why Immigration Issues are Being Used by Candidates for the President of the US
womens-walk/ 1 pages
Women's Walk
world-news/ 1 pages
zambian-president-michael-sata-dies-at-77-vp-guy-scott-has-been-appointed-acting-president/ 1 pages
Zambian President Michael Sata Dies at 77