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My Journey into Royalty

George Okoro1

In this Photography Edition Ace Nigerian photographer, George Okoro who is well known as a game changer in his own right- Brand ambassador of Nkataa , motivational speaker and recently conferred  the title of Sarkin Masuhoton Galadiman Zazzau (King of photographers Zazzau) in Zaria.

As a telecommunication and micro finance bank marketing executive, George rose through the rungs of life to eventually finding his place and owning it with the lens of a camera. Capturing different moments turning them into timeless stories with every journey he embarks on with spontaneous clicks of his camera.  Today there is a popular saying that goes “No wedding is complete without George Okoro” and this is by no means some careless talk as the cool dude is marking his territory in the northern parts of Nigeria one shoot at a time.

The first ever titled photographer – Sir George Okoro, speaks to Tribe and Elan about his photography journey in the high society party circles, especially in Northern Nigeria, and his rather impeccable fashion style.

Before photography and how did I got into the art?

“Before photography I worked with a Telecommunication giant (MTN) but before that I worked with a micro finance bank as a marketing executive. I photographed small birthday parties and blogged about them on a website I started until I shot my first wedding for a friend in Kaduna and after that I figured that if I put in more time into photography as a career I would make something out of it.  I didn’t decide to focus on Northern weddings! I’m based in the North and my first few weddings were Northern weddings. I will rather say the society and my environment influenced my weddings and I went with the flow because I enjoy the love and reception from the people!”

What are the challenges you face?

“Very little challenges I must say. Maybe language because I don’t speak Hausa and I get to travel a lot in the North and people tend to assume I understand the language, but gradually I’m picking up some words and honestly I want to learn.”

What are your target clients and how do you select them?

“My target is anyone who sees value is my service and understands why they are hiring me. I will work for you if you appreciate my work and value it accordingly.”

What is your style of shooting?

“My style is very organic, which means I keep it as real as possible so that people can relate. The total package in terms of deliverables and relationship with my clients keeps me going.”

 Can you name an experience that was memorable?

“One of the best things that has happened to me in 2016. The family of the bride I worked for in Zaria was kind enough to recognize and appreciate my work. She is from a Royal family in Zazzau and they surprised me with the title Sarkin Masu Hoton Galadiman Zazzau which means King of photographers Zazzau.”

Has the Sarkin title affected you in anyway?

“The title has not changed me in any way. It’s just that people in the know now address me differently. The title accords some level of respect as I am now part of the Emirate governing council.  I’m still my simple self-go lucky happy fellow self.”

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Credits. Tribe and Elan